Natural Sports Medicine

Dr. Perry is revolutionizing the way medicine is being practiced for athletes by combining the Eastern principles of traditional Chinese medicine with Western principles of physical medicine and natural therapies. 

  • Relieve aches and pains
  • Prevent injuries
  • Enhance physical performance
  • Speed up injury recovery
  • Maintain optimal health

What can this do for you?

Dr. Perry recognizes the benefits in both conventional and alternative forms of medicine. Following the initial visit, a treatment plan is devised to achieve his patient's individual goals as quickly and optimally as possible. Dr. Perry feels that one of his most important functions as a physician is to mediate between conventional and alternative medicine and offer the best of both to his patients. Dr. Perry will balance your body and stimulate its innate ability to heal itself. Our bodies are amazing. If we offer it the proper environment to heal, it will.

Dr. Perry describes how he treats common injuries
Every athlete agrees a sprained ankle or pulled hamstring is depressing and frustrating and wants to find the fastest way to recovery. Many injured athletes start with an exam with their primary care physician, who's advice is often to take anti-inflammatory medications and rest. Both aid in recovery. However, there are added ways to accelerate healing for a more rapid return to routine physical activity. 

Acupuncture early in the healing process
Dr. Perry often begins acupuncture treatments early in the healing process. While it might seem counter-intuitive, Dr. Perry has seen how local acupuncture to the injury (sometimes referred to as trigger or motor point dry needling) will stimulate some of the bodies innate healing by releasing certain growth factors and altering the bodies nervous system to speed things up. For those who weren't or aren't able to get acupuncture early on, these treatments offer similar results to chronic and often stubborn injuries.

Unique physical therapy devices
Dr. Perry offers his patients extraordinary physical therapy devices not offered elsewhere in Seattle. He is constantly in awe of how well they work. Rather than simply waiting for the injury to heal itself, using these techniques promotes a more rapid recovery and return to normal activity. Rest alone as a treatment plan can give a false sense of security and the end result is often re-injury.